1905 Farmhouse


DIY: Outdoor Table

DIY Outdoor table

Do you ever have those projects that start as a simple idea but then snowball into other projects that you weren’t thinking about? That is what is happening this summer with our deck.The initial idea was to just pressure wash and re-seal the existing deck. Which we did. But then that lead into re-painting the […] Read more…

5 Tips for finding Home Decor at Thrift Stores

Let’s face it home decor shopping can be very hard on the wallet. I am a huge fan of home decor shopping, my current favorite stores being Homegoods, Michaels’, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. And if it was closer I would live at Hobby Lobby! (The closest is a couple of hour drive!) But luckily there […] Read more…

DIY: Painted Outdoor Rug

DIY: Paint a rug on a deck and add a pretty design element with a flower stencil

So one night a few weeks ago I decided rather hastily that I wanted to re-stain our deck…. and add a painted rug design on the deck. Cue the looks from the hubby. Nice weather was being predicted (and by nice I mean no rain for us here in Oregon!) and I wanted to get […] Read more…

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