1905 Farmhouse


20 DIY Gifts Ideas

We finished up the blog hop this week but I wanted to round up all the awesome DIY gifts that we highlighted last week. So here are 20 awesome DIY gift ideas that would be perfect to gift your family or friends any time of year. Hot Cocoa Basket-The Zucchini Sisters 2. DIY Christmas Hand […] Read more…

DIY Stone Coasters: A Great Gift Idea

Four stone coasters stacked on top of each other tied with a red ribbon with polka dots on it

Here we are on week 4 of the Deck the Home blog hop and this week’s theme is  “Gift.” I had so many ideas swirling around in my head that I had no idea at first which one to choose. And then I thought why not make it simple: DIY stone coasters. I recently became […] Read more…

Small Craft Room Organization

A view from the door into a long and narrow craft room

Does anyone else have one of those rooms in their house that is like the junk drawer of rooms? You know that room that things get set, thrown, put down with all intentions of coming back later and organizing it. Well for me that room is my office/craft room. It collects all my DIY projects, […] Read more…