1905 Farmhouse


DIY Easter Wreath

A close up of a hanging moss wreath with green and pink flowers attached and a white bunny in the middle

The Spring season is fast approaching which includes the celebration of Easter. When I decorate for Spring I usually just sprinkle a little Easter decorations here and there. This year I wanted to try adding a little more Easter decor and what better way than a DIY Easter wreath to hang out on our covered […] Read more…

Updating Hollow Core Doors

A side view looking at unpainted trim placed in a rectangle on a brown door

When it came time to giving the closet doors in the laundry room a makeover I knew I wanted them to be white and I knew I didn’t want to buy new doors to replace them as they aren’t a major focal point in the room. The only downside is being an eye sore with […] Read more…

Hand Embroidery for Beginners

A close up view of fishbone embroidery stitches

As long as I can remember my maternal grandmother, Juanita was always sewing, knitting and creating something. I have several items that she made that I will be handing down to my kids someday. Part of me feels very connected to her as I enjoy creating and making all the things as well. During the […] Read more…

Deck Replacement Idea: Plane Existing Boards

A close up of a rotting deck board

The covered front porch of most homes is the first thing that welcomes guests into your home. The goal is the keep the porch as welcoming and inviting as possible. Sometimes that is difficult when the porch boards and railings have seen better days and could use a little curb appeal update. Our deck had […] Read more…

Container Herb Garden DIY Clay Markers

A close up of terracotta colored herb markers stuck in potting soil

Polymer clay was one of my first craft projects that I got started with in middle school. I use to make Christmas ornaments and little figurines. I still have some of these and it is fun to look back to see how far my skills have come. I still have some of my polymer clay […] Read more…