1905 Farmhouse


Cheap Home Decor DIYs under $20

I am a self-proclaimed DIY addict. I love to make and create with my hands and create new masterpieces and decor for our house all the time. Buuuut I will admit that sometimes DIY projects can cost a pretty penny and if you don’t already have supplies or tools it can end up costing even […] Read more…

Scrap Wood Outdoor Skeletons

A white wood skeleton leaning against an outdoor wood staircase with a black painted face

When it came time for this month’s DIY blog hop with a theme of “make something from scrap wood” my mind started to wander of all the possibilities. But with Halloween decor on my mind and already thinking about wanting to add more Halloween type decor to the outside of our home I decided a […] Read more…

DIY Poster Frame for Vintage Prints

Three vintage floral prints being hung over a headboard against a teal wall

As part of our master bedroom refresh I wanted to include some simple decor on the walls since before this we had nothing on the walls and our room felt more like a bachelor pad. I had recently gone to a “junk hunt” in the area and found these beautiful vintage flower prints. At the […] Read more…

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh Part 1

Queen size bed made up with lot of pillows against a blue/teal painted wall with sconces on either side of the bed with a blue/white rug beneath the bed

When we moved into our farmhouse over 2 years ago our master bedroom was the last thing on our minds to change.  As you can see here we spent the first year focusing on other projects in the house. It was about a year ago (our second year in the house) that I started thinking […] Read more…

Top Artificial Spring Flowers

SPRING! Just the thought of it brings up feelings of warmth and fuzziness inside me! The sun, the flowers, the longer daylight time! I am truly a spring and summer girl, I don’t mind the slowness that comes with Fall and Winter but give me the sun any day! I really love to get outside, […] Read more…

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