1905 Farmhouse


Are Ruggable Rugs Worth It?

A white and blue patterned rug underneath a white farmhouse style table

Have you ever heard of a Ruggable rug? These rugs started becoming popular several years ago since they are washable rugs (and what woman and Mom wouldn’t love a washable rug!) This sounds amazing right! But have you wondered are Ruggable rugs worth it? Well my friends I am here to let you know that […] Read more…

Eco Friendly Products for the Home

Over the last several years I have been trying to transition areas of our home to be more eco-friendly. And as all changes go some are easier than others to adjust to. There are many different brands and types of eco-friendly products on the market now and it can be a little overwhelming to know […] Read more…

ORC Spring 2023: Girl’s Bedroom Reveal

A view from the doorway of a room to the bed pushed up against the wall with green board and batten on the bottom half of the walls and animal wallpaper on top

The time has finally come to reveal the Spring ORC girl’s bedroom reveal that I completed for my 9 year old daughter. This reveal is coming almost two months after the One Room Challenge ended but better late than never. It’s been a long time coming to give this room a makeover and I am […] Read more…

Visit Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas

Two women standing in front of a white brick building with Magnolia Home in black lettering

When your bestie invites you to travel with her to Texas to visit Magnolia Market in Waco is there even a question as to whether you will go or not?!? It was almost an immediate yes! after I talked it over with the husband of course and arranged childcare before and after school for the […] Read more…

Easy Tablescape for Summer Decor

A close up photo of clear glass jars with one random flower stem in each jar on a white table runner

Summer is when we spend the majority of our times outside, whether it be going on hikes, playing in the water or just laying out in the sun soaking up some Vitamin D. However when we are hosting those backyard barbeques there are those of us who love to decorate when hosting and that is […] Read more…

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