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This last Fall we tilled up our grass front yard area because they area was full of weeds and the grass needed to be refreshed. Unfortunately we didn’t get time before the weather turned to re-plant the grass and complete a border around the lawn. Now that it is summer we decided to finally tackle this project and we wanted to create an edging around this yard area so that there was a more defined edge where the lawn ended and the driveway begins. We have a lot of bricks laying around that we received second hand years ago so after researching brick edging ideas we came up with this solution.

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Tools Needed for Brick Edging

An above view of a dirt area with green bushes to the right

My husband, Justin tilled the area again and the dark brown dirt you see is compost that was tilled into the yard to give it some extra nutrients. He then used a pick ax to start making the trench that the bricks would be laid in. After he had the trench completed I ran to Ace Hardware to grab some sand so that we could level the area before the bricks were laid.

An above view of a trench in dirt with green shrubs on the right
A view of a trench in the yard that leads from a pathway to a driveway

Justin then started laying the bricks on their side and after placing sand in the trench he would level out the bricks and used a rubber mallet to pound the bricks into place.

A close up of a bag of play sand sitting on brown dirt
An above view of bricks laid on their side in a trench to create a border
A close up of bricks laying on their side with grey sand beneath them

We started this project in the morning but by mid-day it was very warm so we put up a pop-up tent so that Justin could work in the shade.

A close up of bricks laid at the edge of a lawn as an edging idea

After laying all the bricks we turned the sprinklers on in order to settle the dirt before we plant grass seed.

A view of a brick border against dirt
A side view of a brick lined lawn that has not yet been planted with bushes on the top
A side view of two small front yard areas with a brick lined lawn that has not yet been planted

Justin did end up cutting one of the bricks in half so that it would fit against our paved driveway.

Now the next step will be to level out the dirt surface and throw some grass seed on top to grow a beautiful lawn.

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