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Winter time is for ideas, planning and preparing for the Spring if you are a gardener. If you live in the upper half of the USA like I do the winter is not an ideal time to be outside prepping for the Spring. Here we get rain, rain and more rain and then sometimes snow is thrown into the mix. These rainy blustery days are when we get most of our indoor projects done but there is also time to think about how the garden and yard can change once Spring gets here. I have put together a list of gardener gifts for the garden lover in your life who will surely appreciate that you have geared them up for Spring and Summer.

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Atlas gardening gloves are the best out there, great colors and not bulky

You can never have too many gloves, at least in my opinion. If you are like me I seem to grab a different pair each time I go out to weed, prune or plant. I personally have these gloves and love the fun colors and that they don’t feel bulky.

Pruning Shears

Gardening shears make a great gift for any gardner


There is nothing worse than going out to trim a bush or a branch off a tree and find that your shears suck. There are cheap shears out there and there are quality shears. Your choice will depend on what you are doing and how often you will be using them.

Gardener Gifts-Books

Back in the Garden book by Ted Mahar
Through the Seasons by Ted Mahar

I love to read, especially when the weather outside is cold, rainy, snowy, or blustery. One of my favorite gardening books is Back in the Garden with Dulcy by Dulcy Mahar and Ted Mahar. Dulcy used to be a columnist at our local newspaper, The Oregonian and she wrote a weekly gardening column that I came to love. Sadly, Dulcy passed away in 2011 from ovarian cancer and her husband turned her most popular columns into a book.

A follow-up book was compiled in 2014 called Through the Seasons with Dulcy that includes pictures and more of her beloved columns. One or both of these books would make a great gift for any gardener.

Outdoor Decor Gardener Gifts

Metal chicken yard decor from The Metal Maison on Etsy

Metal Chicken

A fused glass flower is perfect for any garden lover

Fused Glass Flower Stake

Yard decor may not be a favorite of all gardeners but I personally love a little bit of whimsy and color no matter the season. I like to break up the scenery with an inanimate object now and again. This metal hen and chick are so cute and will stand up to the elements since they already have a patina to them! And that fused glass flower stake adds awesome color even when your garden is dormant.


Gardening Kneeling Pad

A gardening kneeling pad is essential for any gardener

In my opinion, this is essential for any gardener. Not only does this help keep your knees from aching after a long day of gardening but it also keeps your knees dry if and when the ground is damp or wet.

There are many other ideas that could be included for any gardener. You can find some seed sources in my post Flower Bulbs in Fall.

I also have many other gardener gifts in my Amazon Storefront which has a list of all my favorites for gardening.

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