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For as long as I can remember I have loved to do anything crafty. I remember art class being my absolute favorite subject in elementary school and I remember taking as many art/creative electives that I could in high school. At home my Mom was always finding fun crafts for us to do whether it be painting ceramic ornaments for Christmas or using popsicle sticks to create frames or Christmas trees. But my favorite was cross stitch, my Mom was an avid cross-stitcher and would always be creating something as a gift for someone. I started cross-stitching probably around age 8 or so with the stamped cross-stitch and then slowly graduated to traditional cross-stitch. It was my love of this that had me intrigued when I found out about the Homemade with Love Super Bundle that was being promoted by Ultimate Bundles.

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You might be wondering what the heck this bundle thing is and believe me when I first heard about a bundle I had no idea what that meant either. I had purchased a blogging bundle through Ultimate Bundles and it became a wealth of information for me to help with blogging. Basically a bundle is a large collection of products from different individuals that are each valued at a certain number but all these products come in one bundle for a price that is usually less than $100. They have different bundle options available throughout the year, some only available for a limited time. Some options in the past have been photography, blogging, natural living, recipes and my favorite so far has been the Homemade with Love Super Bundle. 

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This bundle is over 200+ patterns and projects that includes crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, fiber arts, sewing and much more. The nice thing about the bundle is that once you download everything it is yours forever. Usually when you buy it you create an account and have access to that bundle for about 1 year before it is no longer available on the site. But you can download the entire bundle to your computer and have access to it forever. So once you have access to the site immediately after your purchase you can just download those projects that you know you will want to accomplish or the entire thing. (Just know that this will take up room on your hard drive.)

I downloaded the entire bundle myself because I was very interested in the projects as a lot are crafts that I have not yet done or have felt comfortable enough doing. One of the first projects I did was embroidering, the bundle has multiple options available. My Grandmother was an avid embroiderer and although she is still with us at age 93, her memory is no longer what it was and I was never able to learn embroidering from her. (I did learn her favorite crocheted potholder pattern though and for that I am grateful.) When I saw the embroidered Christmas ornaments I immediately bought all the supplies and made a couple of them, my embroidery needs a lot of practice but it was something I was proud to hang on our tree. And I was able to create one to take to my Grandma at her memory facility to hang for her to see daily, even though she doesn’t remember.

The other project I was excited to do was a stuffed “Hipster Bear.” I have never made any sort of stuffed animal or clothing item since I considered my sewing skills very basic. I had my daughter pick some fabric out of my stash and went to work, it was challenging but also so rewarding to see her face at the end of the project and now she has a fun animal to play with that I made her. 

I am looking forward to relaxing during the winter months and working on more of these projects to add to knowledge bank.

If you would love to have this bundle of over 200+ patterns and projects you can head over to the Homemade with Love Super Bundle page and check it out for yourself.

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