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Can y’all believe it is the beginning of November already! And here we are again getting into the swing of the holiday seasons. Now you may be wondering why I am posting about Christmas already and there are two reasons, one is because I just love Christmas and I am all for decorating early. (Sorry, not sorry) And two because I am joining other bloggers again this year as part of the At Home DIY Deck the Home Holiday Challenge. So for the next 6 weeks, we will be posting DIYs with a theme each week related to Christmas. So let’s get started! This week’s theme is Holiday Door Decor. Now for this project, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I was going to create. Last year I did a creative holiday village out of a thrift store basket and this year I wanted to do something equally as creative. I am one that loves wreaths and I display plenty of them during the holidays but I wanted to create something unique that could be used on a door or anywhere in the home for the holidays. So I came up with this cute and easy wood beaded Christmas tree!

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Materials Needed for Beaded Christmas Tree Door Decor

Step 1:

I chose to leave the wooden beads unpainted for the majority of the tree and just painted a handful of them to act as ornaments for the tree. You could paint all the beads if you desired.

A close up of wooden beads, natural and painted in the shape of a tree

Step 2:

Bend the craft wire in the shape of a Christmas tree. I then wrapped one end of the craft wire onto a side of the tree and strung beads on then cut and wrapped the opposite end onto the other side. I did this the entire way up the tree and added the “ornament” beads throughout.

A piece of craft wire in the shape of a triange Christmas tree on a whitewashed table
An above view of three rows of wooden beads on a triangle shaped tree
A close up photo of three rows of random wood beads on a wire triangle frame
A close up a mostly completed wood beaded Christmas tree

Step 3:

I collected sticks from our yard and cut them down to create the tree trunk. Then I hot-glued these together and then used the hot glue to add them to the tree

A close up of some sticks that have been glued together to create a tree trunk on a wood beaded Christmas tree

Step 4:

Lastly was to figure out what I wanted to use for the star. I chose an off-white yarn and created a pom-pom using my fingers and then used the hot glue to attach this as well.

A close up of a hand with yarn wrapped around it
A tied yarn bow sitting on a white washed table

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