Every year I am asked to make a list of gift ideas to give to family. I usually keep it pretty generic with gift cards and book ideas. But this year I want to highlight one of my absolute favorite places to shop for gifts: Etsy. This is not just any website, Etsy is individual makers who each have their own “shop” where they can post and sell their handmade items. It is full of unique and one of a… Read more »

The ultimate gift guide for your blue collar guy who loves to DIY, beer drinking and working with power tools

If the man in your life is anything like mine then they are extremely hard to shop for. Justin is no exception. He likes things simple, is not a big gadget person and doesn’t even own a tie. I know I have mentioned before that he is a plumber, not the prettiest of occupations. In his downtime he enjoys working in his shop, helping his Dad farm and helping with DIY projects around the house. He helped me with this… Read more »

The best gift ideas for any gardener

Winter time is for ideas, planning and preparing for the Spring if you are a gardener. If you live in the upper half of the U.S. like I do the winter is not an ideal time to be outside prepping for the Spring. Here we get rain, rain and more rain and then sometimes snow is thrown into the mix. These rainy blustery days are when we get most of our indoor projects done but there is also time to… Read more »

The Top 7 homemade candy recipes, some traditional recipes and some fun and unique

This weekend is our church’s annual sausage and sauerkraut dinner. This is a huge fundraiser for our private school and draws crowds of up to 10,000 people to our small little community for yummy food and fun activities. All the parishioners volunteer and help out in all aspects of the preparation and the day of events. I have been volunteering since the 4th grade, some 23 years now (don’t do the math please! LOL). This year I am honored to… Read more »

Giving Thanks board for counting down the month of November

Happy November! The holiday season is officially upon us and before we know it Christmas will be here. It is my favorite time of year. I love the Christmas smells and the atmosphere that surrounds it. But enough about Christmas for the moment. Let’s focus on November and Thanksgiving. Now that our kids are older (almost 6 and 4) I wanted to make them more aware of Thanksgiving and why we should be thankful for what we have going into… Read more »