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Have you ever heard of a Ruggable rug? These rugs started becoming popular several years ago since they are washable rugs (and what woman and Mom wouldn’t love a washable rug!) This sounds amazing right! But have you wondered are Ruggable rugs worth it? Well my friends I am here to let you know that they are and let me tell you why.

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I first came upon Ruggable several years ago when many influencers started posting about it on Instagram. Now I am always hesitant when I see several influencers sharing the same product at the same time. It piqued my interest but I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about until I bought one for myself. To say I was influenced was an understatement.

My first Ruggable purchase was a runner that I bought when I did the One Room Challenge makeover several years ago for our laundry room. Since we live in a house with kids, multiple animals and live on several acres we are constantly tracking in mud and dirt and I knew I needed a rug that could be easily thrown in the washing machine. I’ve had rugs before that I would wash however they never dried correctly back to their shape or they were ones that couldn’t be washed and if they were too gross they had to be thrown out.

A view of a washable runner rug in a laundry room

After several months of having this runner I knew I was hooked, I bought a second one to place in the entryway from our garage since this our most used pathway into the house.

An above view of a runner rug in a hallway leading to a brown door

The rugs pull up easily from the base attachment and I throw both of the runners in the washing machine at the same time. And I always hang them to dry either outside on the clothesline or inside on a drying rack. As you can see from the above clean rug and the one that is dirty below from constant walking that they do clean up very well.

A view of a washable rug that is soiled leading to an entryway door

In addition to the runners I also purchased a Ruggable rug for underneath our dining room table. We had previously not had a rug in this area before but I envisioned a rug in this space for a long time. I like the way a rug underneath a dining room table helps anchor the space and add more visual interest.

A white and blue patterned rug underneath a white farmhouse style table

The dining room Ruggable rug is one that does not get as heavy foot traffic and therefore has only been washed once. I was able to fit the entire thing in our top-loading washing machine and then hung on our clothesline to dry. (I try to take advantage of the summer weather and wash most of our large items since they can hang dry on the clothesline in the sun).

The most recent purchase from Ruggable was the doormat for our front door. The use that our front door gets with the animals and foot traffic especially during the rainy season is heavy and the cute doormats I would buy would turn ugly pretty quickly. These come with a heavy rubber base and the top rugs are interchangeable and washable. WIN!

An above view of a floral doormat rug on a grey porch

I chose a Fall themed rug, a Christmas rug and a floral one for the rest of the year. This is my second year with these covers and after washing they are nice and clean and stay secure when placed back on the rubber base.

I also recently found out that they make bath mats too and I think that will be my next purchase as I liked to clean the bathroom rugs often and trying to find ones that are washable and become clean is hard.

As you can tell from my praise I do believe I answered the question of “are Ruggables are worth it? In addition I think they are definitely worth the price that you pay. I have not had to replace the base pieces or the top rugs yet and I have had them for several years. I plan to invest on several more rugs especially now that we have a new puppy that likes to create accidents.

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