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America the Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, and many more songs bringĀ  in wisps of nostalgia this time of year. I love the 4th of July and all the decor. To me, it always means a BBQ whether that be with family or friends and some type of firework display, professional or DIY in the driveway. When I was a kid we would go to the parade that took place in the area and watch all the local floats go by in their red, white and blue. And now I can’t help but decorate in the traditional colors and hang flags outside to show our patriotism.

To help with this I created a fun and suuuuper easy 4th of July centerpiece idea that can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Supplies Needed to Create a 4th of July Centerpiece


Step 1:

Three metal buckets sitting on a table with scrunched up plastic bags in the bottom

Put 2 plastic grocery bags in each bucket and smoosh them down a little. (Smoosh is totally a word right??!?!) This is my secret trick to filling buckets or anything really that can be covered and that you can’t see through. This way you don’t have to buy as much filler rock since no one will see the bottom anyway.

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Step 2.

An above view of a candle in a bucket surrounded by white filler rocks

Place a citronella candle in each bucket. Fill each bucket around the candle with your filler rocks.

So I did find some pom-pom decor that I thought I wanted to incorporate into the centerpiece but after doing so I felt it didn’t fit. And was worried I might start them on fire when the candles are lit. And that would be bad.

A side view of 3 buckets sitting on a table with candles in the center and red, white and blue pom-poms out of each bucket

I like the pom poms but figured I would find another use for them in my 4th of July decor.

So far now here is what it looks like!

A side view of a table set with place settings and metal buckets for a centerpiece

Now you have a fun and festive centerpiece for your outdoor table and you can totally change your candles out for a neutral color after the 4th if you want. And this helps keep the bugs away!

Sources for Table Setting:

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