Hello! Welcome to 1905 Farmhouse! My name is Amy and in the Fall of 2016 my husband, Justin and I began an adventure of remodeling and renovating our 1905 farmhouse. We have been married for 8 years and we have 2 children, a boy, and a girl. We both dreamed of living in the country since we were kids. We grew up running around without shoes and digging in the dirt. We are country kids at heart! I am a huge fan of anything I can DIY and have a love of home decor. Justin is a plumber and a little bit of a jack of all trades who loves to be able to problem solve. I also work outside our home parttime as a team coordinator in a medical office.

Our Family Photo December 2018

Our dream to live in the country has become a reality but in a home that is outdated and in need of some refreshing. We are excited to have you follow along as we demo, re-design, and add our farmhouse touch to this 113-year-old home!

Over the last 2 years, we have added a dog, two cats, and 8 chickens and we hope to add more animals in the future. In addition to the home DIY projects and decor, I enjoy gardening in our 1/4 acre garden, starting seeds and have a serious love of adding all types of flowers and plants to our yard.

Occasionally you will find a recipe or two thrown in for fun as I enjoy cooking and baking and preserving all of our fruits and vegetables that we grow.

If you are new here you can check out The Farmhouse One Year Later to see a recap of our first year in the farmhouse.

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