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I love a good wreath for any part of my decor. I really wasn’t a wreath person until we moved here. But we have so many doors and windows and a beautiful fireplace that was just calling for wreaths to be hung. But I am kinda picky when it comes to my wreaths. I like them to look authentic and real. And it seems a lot of the ones you find in the stores look cheap or the flowers are falling off. So what’s a wreath loving girl to do? Head on over the craft store and buy a couple of items to make my own DIY summer wreath!

This wreath was so easy and quick and anyone could make it, I promise.

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Supplies Needed to Make A Summer Wreath

Step 1:

Faux white magnolia flowers next to faux pink rose flowers
Faux flowers sitting on a grapevine wreath on an outdoor coffee table

I cut the flowers off their “bush” with the wire cutters but kept the stems long. I like to first arrange my flowers on the wreath before cutting them too short. I am a visual person and this way I can play around with the placement of the flowers and see which look I like the most.

Step 2:

A closeup photo of a grapvine wreath with a faux flower attached with green floral wire

Once you have decided where everything will go you want to start attaching them to the grapevine wreath with the floral wire. I usually like to twist the wire around the flower and then twist around the grapevines so I know it is secure. Follow this process for all the flowers. Use the flower petals and leaves to hide the wire as best as you can.

A grapvine wreath up close with a faux magnolia branch attached with green floral wire

I only chose to add the flowers to the lower part of the wreath but you could definitely cover the entire wreath with flowers, greens or other foliage.

Step 3:

A closeup of a grapevine wreath with a green floral wire wrapped into a loop for a hanger

Use your floral wire to create a loop at the top of your wreath to make hanging easier.

And then hang it up and admire your handiwork! This one is hanging outside of our front door. The one pictured after is a similar one that is currently hanging over our fireplace.

A grapevine wreath with faux flowers on the lower half hung on a blue house with a lavendar plant below next to a stool with a lantern and faux flowers
A grapevine wreath with pink and white flowers offset on a whitewashed fireplace

I love the simplicity of the wreaths and that they transition well from Spring to Summer.

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