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As most of you have read I attended the Haven Conference back in July. (You can read my full recap here.) It was at Haven that I attended a make and take with Amy Howard. I had never heard of Amy Howard at Home before this time and was intrigued by the make and take event. It ended up being a farmhouse style sign that correlated with her new company A Maker’s Studio and using the products available for this. I had a great time using the ChalkArt on my sign that day and was even more intrigued when I found out that when used in conjunction with her Rescue, Restore paint that I could just wash the ChalkArt off with water! Say whaaaat??? 

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Amy Howard at Home Make & Take

It wasn’t until after I arrived home that I tried this to see how easy it would come off and lo and behold it wiped right off with one of my rags. And the best part was that I could use the stencils again to create a brand new sign with the ChalkArt and the mesh stencil that I received in the swag bag from Haven.

It was at this time that I also started talking with a “Maker” from A Maker’s Studio about possibly joining the team and using the products to teach others to update furniture and curate their own home decor through DIY. 

A round logo with A Maker's Studio in the center

Today I am excited to announce that I have become an affiliate with A Maker’s Studio and I can’t wait to share with you all the products and awesome transformation I will be making with these products. You can find my direct link to the site at

Now you may be asking: what about the home DIY projects and other things you blog about? Well, those aren’t going anywhere!

This new adventure allows me to branch out and just add another dimension to my blog. I love the products so far that I have used that Amy Howard created and I am very excited to start with her new company and share the projects I will be doing with you all.

A denim blue apron laying flat with a jar of rescue restore paint on it's side on a wood background with a pink rose

One of the things I love about the products is that due to Amy’s asthma she has created them to be low or no VOC and used essential oils in the paints. I am working on a project in my garage right now and it smells wonderful every time I go out there! I love to share my DIY updates and home decor with you all and I am excited to explore this new avenue for your own home.

With all that being said let me share the first project I created!

Farmhouse Chic Sign

As you saw above I started with my sign from Haven. Because of the ChalkArt paint and using the Rescue, Restore paint the chalkart can be washed off with water!

So that means you can create many different signs from your original one as long as you don’t seal the sign with a glaze, poly, or sealant of some kind. Also, the mesh stencils are washable and reusable!

So my first step was to take a lint-free rag and wet it down (it just needs to be damp) and wiped off the “create kindness” verbiage and the heart. The water won’t take off the base coat of Rescue, Restore paint. Allow it to air dry for about 5min and then you can start on your new sign.

Supplies Needed to Create a Family Wreath Sign with A Maker’s Studio

If you are starting a brand new sign you will need to first paint it in the Rescue Restore Paint color of your choice and let it dry completely before adding your stencil.

A scattered pile of mesh stencils on an oak table with a white edged sign in the background

So I chose to use the Wreath Trio Country Stencil for my new decor sign. I cut out all the pieces of the stencil so that they would be available for different projects.

ChalkArt paint being applied with a HomeDepto store credit card to push the paint through the mesh stencil

The ChalkArt has a paste-like substance and comes with a spreader for you to use to apply it on the stencil. I couldn’t find my spreader at all when I wanted to do this project so I just used an expired Home Depot store credit card I had! You could really use anything to spread the ChalkArt, even a thick piece of cardboard would work.

A black background with a white boarder and the words Family that is half covered up by a mesh stencil with copper chalkart paint applied

Once you have the stencil where you want it just spread the ChalkArt through the stencil and then lift up on the stencil. If you are creating a wreath design like I did make sure it dries enough so that you won’t smudge it when you place the stencil back down to complete the wreath.

An above view of a black sign with a white border and the word family in the middle of a copper leaf design

Cleaning Up A Maker’s Studio Mesh Stencils

After you are done using the mesh stencils make sure to clean them with soap and water. I used my favorite Dawn dishwashing soap and gently rubbed off all the paint and then laid my stencils on a towel to dry. Once the stencils are dry you can place them back on the paper backers. You should be able to get about 20-25 uses out of a stencil before you may need to replace it. I think that part is awesome!

And there you have it, my finished sign that is updated in our living room. Here is a side by side of the first one and the second one created with the same sign. I hope you enjoy this new adventure as much as I love sharing it with you.

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