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I love, love, love, love flowers! All flowers, big, small, wild or not. Once my husband and I moved into our new home after getting married I started filling the yard with bulbs, perennials and lots of annuals each Spring. And once we moved here to the farmhouse I started doing the same thing. But I also started doing more research on flowers, how they grow and what grows best in my area. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite flower gardening books.

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These books are great for a beginner or a more advanced gardener who loves flowers as much as I do. All these books would be great to add to your home bookshelf or to gift to a loved one on any occasion.

A close up of the cover of the book "Cut Flower Garden" on a whitewashed tabletop

This first book “Cut Flower Garden” is one of my favorites. Floret Flower is a huge favorite flower seed supplier of mine and the owner Erin Benzakein has written a beautiful book. This book focuses on growing flowers specifically for flower arrangements and she gives so many tips and tricks for flower arranging which I love.

An above view of the book "Perennial Care"

This next book “The Perennial Care Manual” is one that I considered being a must-have for anyone who loves to have perennials in their yard/garden (perennials: plants that come back year after year). This book has many popular plants and includes growing tips, seasonal care, when to plant and prune and so much more. There is also information as to what zone each plant does best in which is very helpful information for any plant owner to know.

A view from above of the book "A Year in Flowers" sitting on a whitewashed table

I was lucky enough to receive an autographed copy of “A Year in Flowers” from the author Erin Benzakein and this is one of my absolute favorite books. This book is filled with beautiful floral photos that are just so inspiring. This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to create their own floral arrangements for any season. Erin includes tips on what supplies are needed, how to care for cut flowers, and even shares out of the ordinary ideas for arrangements.

An above view of the green book "Back in the Garden with Darcy"

The next book on my list is “Back in the Garden with Dulcy” which was written by Dulcy Mahar. This book is actually a collection of the best articles from her time at The Oregonian newspaper. Dulcy passed away in 2011 but her most beloved articles live on in two different books. Dulcy had a great sense of humor and a can-do attitude when it came to gardening. This book is another one of my favorites because of the great stories she tells with gardening tips inter-woven.

An above view of an orange book called "On Flowers" on a whitewashed table

The last book on my list is “On Flowers” by Amy Merrick. This book is another that focuses on floral arrangements. Amy takes a different approach to floral arrangements and her drawings and unique perspective of floral arranging are fresh and inspiring.

As I mentioned above all of these flower gardening books are great for anyone who loves to garden but especially those who love to tend to any sort of flower garden. These are all great books for those starting out as they are great learning tools and great for inspiring many garden updates or changes. All of these books would also make a great gift for any type of occasion for the flower lover.

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