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I don’t know about you but when I was a kid board games were my jam. My Grandma had a huge closet filled with all sorts of games and my cousins and I would always pick out multiple ones to play when we were there. And now that my kids are getting older they are enjoying board and card games as much as I did. And we have found that my son has the same competitive streak like his Dad does.

So seeing as though board games are becoming very popular in our house right now I decided to compile a small list of games that you may have not heard of before but are super fun to play!


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I was contacted by Good’s Store and given a credit to their shop in exchange for this post and this is  one of the items I chose.

A green card box with a dutch boy and girl with the title Dutch Blitz

I had never heard of this game before going to Good’s Store website but I am so glad I picked it! This is a card game for up to four players. They do have an expansion pack available so that up to eight people can play. It definitely took some practice placing all the cards out and carefully following the directions to see how to play. And this was only because I know that I am a visual learner and needed the visuals in order to pick up on the concept. I would say this game is very similiar to the card game of Canadian Rummy in a way. It was super fun to play and I have to brag that I beat Justin the first time we played! He was not happy 😉

And for all my readers who are interested Goods Stores is giving you a 10% off code for your order using: READER190510 to use at check out! How sweet is that!


A green game box with the title The Farming Game-Harvest the Fun

This is another game you can get from Good’s Store. I have actually known about this game since I was a kid as my parent’s and their friends would play this almost everytime we went on vacation to the beach. The game linked above is the newer version although it was only the game board and pieces that were updated, the goal and play of the game has remained the same. I was actually excited that I found an unopened original version in the original packaging for Justin on Ebay for Christmas a couple years ago. This game is similiar to Monopoly except that you buy farmland and farm animals and sell and harvest to earn money. It is very fun and you can find yourself playing for hours!

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A cribbage board, deck of cards and cribbage pegs on a white background

I feel like some card games may be a dying breed as not many people play them anymore. And I am not much to talk because I am not a huge fan of traditional card games, but Justin, my Dad, my siblings and a lot of our extended family are huge fans of card games. It’s a family tradition at almost every family gathering that a card game is play. I never learned to play cribbage myself but maybe now I will! A cribbage board and deck of cards is easy to transport anywhere and the cribbage board comes with all the necessary pegs to play.


An angled view of a game box entitled Rubik's Race with the game board pictures on front

This was one of my all time favorite games that my Grandma had that my cousin and I would always play. It is only a two player game but it was always so much fun. The game is pretty simple too, you have a shaker that gives you a pattern and you have to create that pattern on your side before your opponent and then drop the center divider on your pattern. It’s a basic game but so much fun.

The Oregon Trail Card Game


An angled view of a black game box entitled The Oregon Trail card game

I have not played this game yet but I am super excited too! As a born and bread Oregonian I have fond memories of playing the computer game version in elementary school and at home. Reviews on Amazon seem to be mixed but I will be getting it for nostalgic fun!

I would love to know if there is board game that you play or played regularly that may not be well known now. I would love to hear about it!

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