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Well here we are at the end of week 2 of the Deck the Home Blog Hop! As you may remember I showed my DIY Christmas Tree Platform earlier this week. Today I wanted to highlight some of my friends’ projects that would be fun for kids to join in on the DIY.


Christmas Tree Craft with Paint Sticks-GIRL JUST DIY

  • My kids would love to paint these sticks and help glue them on! I would do the cutting but they could definitely also help with the sanding.

Christmas Matching Game for KidsGROSS TO GRANDIOSE

  • This game would be sooo fun for the kids to play! And they can help make it by painting in the lines that are drawn on the circles. I also love that these wood slices are the same ones I used for the Wood Slice Ornaments and that they have multiple uses now!

Christmas Wooden Gift Tags!


  • These painted wood leaves as gift tags are another fun idea that the kids can help paint and could even write on if old enough. My 5 and 7 year old love to practice their letters so I know they would enjoy writing on the tags themselves.

Christmas Letterboard Wood Sign with Twinkle Lights

Christmas Countdown Sign-THE DOTTED NEST

  • This sign would be so fun for the kids to help paint and I know they would love to play around with the wording because they love to play with my felt letterboard!


  • These wood “pallet” ornaments are just adorable!! My kids love any type of craft that uses glue and popsicle sticks and I think this project is simple and fun and they could use any words on it either transferred or free-hand!

Hold on to your hats cause coming up on Sunday evening we will have another fun round of holiday decor inspiration for you all!

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Sharing is caring!

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