How to easily update a walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantries are a wonderful thing. They are so spacious. There is so much potential for organization! Every item deserves a “home” and I have always dreamed of a walk-in pantry in my house if I were so lucky to have one. And as luck would have it when walking through our soon to be new farmhouse I saw it! It was outdated but oh so glorious! I took a picture immediately and sent it to my sister saying “Look… Read more »

How to turn a wall in your home into a Chalkboard

Have you ever wanted to have an entire wall in your home be a chalkboard? Really!!?? Good, I’m glad it’s not just me! Does anyone else remember having a chalkboard in all your classrooms? Ya know back in the day before dry erase was everywhere; there was something fun about writing on those green chalkboards and being on eraser duty. Have I just aged myself!?! Chalk has always been one of my favorite mediums. I have always wanted a spot… Read more »

Hello 1970s wood paneling! How we removed the paneling and hung drywall to transform this bedroom

Ooh wood paneling….I am not a fan. I know it was all the rage back in the 60s and 70s and as much as I dislike it I understand why it was used. It was an inexpensive and easy way to update a room and for that I give those who used it props. I am all about inexpensive and easy to install. But the times have changed and out it must go!   Removal If you have never removed… Read more »

How to remove wallpaper

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   This post is going backwards because I realized I skipped over the dining room when writing my first post (you can find it here ) ! But that’s in the past and here it is now! So at the start of refinishing the living and dining room floors I was also removing the wallpaper from the wall in the dining room. There was also a chair rail that was half way down the wall that… Read more »

SHIPLAP! I knew I wanted shiplap as a decor element in the house somewhere after I binged watched “Fixer Upper.” (I mean who hasn’t!) I immediately fell in love with Joanna Gaines and her decor style.  And at first sight of our stairs I knew I wanted to remove the wood paneling and lighten it up in anyway possible. When we removed the first wood panel we revealed wallpaper underneath and in my mind I figured would be a piece of… Read more »